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Agrivita Vol 33, No 1 (2011)

January 26th, 2012

Vol 33, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


Effect of Rock Phosphate Enriched With Sp36 to Soybean Yield on Ultisol Lampung PDF
Andy Wijanarko, Abdullah Taufiq pp. 1-7
Applications of Potassium Fertilizer and Bacillus Sp. Biopesticide for Increasing Tomato Resistance to Bacterial Wilt Disease PDF
Nur Prihatiningsih, Heru Adi Djatmiko, Eny Rochminarsi pp. 8-14
Incidence of Soybean Mosaic Disease in East Java Province PDF
Wuye Ria Andayani, Y. B. Sumardiyono, Sedyo Hartono, Prapto Yudono pp. 15-21
Growth and Yield of Cassava in Agro Forestry System Using Crown Tree Management: Crown Pruning for Optimization Light Interception PDF
Mofit Saptono, Hastin Ernawati N.C.C. pp. 22-31
Effects of Light Intensity and Seedling Mediaon The Growth of Reutealis Trisperma (Blanco) Airy Shaw Seedling PDF
Edi Wardiana, Maman Herman pp. 32-39
Control of �Damping Off� Disease Caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii Sacc. using Actinomycetes and Vam Fungi on Soybean in The Dry Land Based on Microorganism Diversity of Rhizosphere Zone PDF
Ika Rochjatun, Syamsuddin Djauhari, Nasir Saleh, Anton Muhibuddin pp. 40-46
Induction of In Vitro Culture of Potato Microtuber by Using Alar and Dark Photoperiod Application PDF
Murni Dwiati, Sulastri Anggorowati pp. 47-52
Seed Coat Resistance of Groudnut to Aspergillus Flavus and Their Stability Performance in The Field PDF
Astanto Kasno, Trustinah Trustinah, J. Purnomo, Sumartini Sumartini pp. 53-62
Feasibility of Soil and Water Conservation Techniques on Oil Palm Plantation PDF
Kukuh Murtilaksono, Witjaksana Darmosarkoro, Eddy Sigit Sutarta, Hasril Hasan Siregar, Yayat Hidayat, M. Arif Yusuf pp. 63-69
Self-Super Parasitism Behavior of Naive and Experienced Cotesia Vestalis, A Bio-Control Agent of Plutella Xylostella in Brassica Crops PDF
Uma Khumairoh, Catlyn Pandjaitan pp. 70-74
Insect as Biological Indicator from Protected to The Disturb Landscape in Central Java Indonesia PDF
Karuniawan Puji Wicaksono, Agus Suryanto, Agung Nugroho, Nobukazu Nakagoshi, Nia Kurniawan pp. 75-84
Assessment of The Effect of Long Term Tillage on The Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Colonization of Vegetable Crops Grown in Andisols PDF
Budi Prasetya, Christopher Anderson pp. 85-92
Characteristics of Soil Derived from Ultramafic Rocks for Extensification of Oil Palm in Langgikima, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi PDF
M. Tufaila, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, , Abdul Syukur(bisa di baca di ruang baca Fakultas Pertanian UB) pp. 93-102
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