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Journal ” Quality in Systems: Product – Environment Interactions – Intelligent Systems ”

December 5th, 2012

” Quality in Systems: Product – Environment Interactions – Intelligent Systems ”

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Quality is the resulting status of fresh products of all product handling. And there is
a lot of handling involved before fresh fruit or vegetable products are consumed. Transport
of fresh agricultural products is still increasing all over the world and to keep this economic
system working there is a continuous need for (simple and cheap) technological solutions
for maintaining quality. What the price of such an invention or innovation may be depends
on the particular product, its logistics and the added value for the buyers (retail and
All relevant players in the chain from grower to retail must be aware that the way
they handle products have an impact on the quality (and safety) of the products. Simply
because of the fact that fruits and vegetables are living entities with a history, going back to
preharvest conditions, that determines how it reacts on storage and transport conditions.
Every single player in that chain must realize that there is a benefit for all the individual
players if products are handled with care and knowledge.
Intelligent systems can contribute significantly to maintain the quality and safety
but cannot guarantee it. Firstly, because technology is applied and used by humans and is
therefore dependent on human know-how (trained and skilled persons) as well as
technological robustness. Secondly, there is a discrepancy between maximizing trade
opportunities and the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. Technological systems are used
to maximize profit: to maintain the quality as long as possible and sell the produce at an
economic advantageous moment. It is obvious that this moment is not always optimal in
respect to consumer quality.
A few examples will be given which illustrates how technological systems can
contribute to improved quality and safety of both fresh products.


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