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Plant reproductive ecology.
Willson, M. F.
Plant reproductive ecology. 1983 pp. ix + 282pp.
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The four chapters in which Professor Willson presents her study of the evolution and interaction of plant reproductive mechanisms in relation to ecological factors are entitled (1) Life histories, dealing with various aspects of the evolutionary costs and rewards of different patterns of reproduction; (2) Sexual systems, which considers the problem of the evolution of sex, together with sexual expression and incompatibility systems; (3) Mating, with discussions of male competition, female choice and interactions with pollen vectors; and (4) Offspring, covering the types of provision made for seedling growth and protection and for seed dispersal. Each chapter has its own bibliography. Vegetative reproduction receives virtually no attention. A book largely concerned with evolutionary and ecological problems and barely touching on crop plants is perhaps not of immediate importance to the plant breeder, but Professor Willson’s lively discussions of a wide range of plant sexual behaviour and adaptation should prove useful background reading at both undergraduate and graduate levels. At the end of the volume is a general summary, followed by both a subject index and a species index.

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