List of FAO Publications:
1. Food and agriculture policy decisions: trends, emerging issues and policy alignments since
    the 2007/08 food security crisis
2. The feed analysis laboratory: establishment and quality control – FAO Animal Production and
     Health guidelines
3. Mountain farming is family farming: a contribution from mountain areas to the International
     Year of Family Farming 2014
4. Fisheries and aquaculture emergency response guidance: review recommendations for best
     practice –FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Proceedings 30
5. Fish identification tools for biodiversity and fisheries assessments: review and guidance for
    decision-makers – FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 585
6. Healthy people depend on healthy food systems –22 volumes
7. Expanding mariculture farther offshore: technical, environmental, spatial and governance
     challenges – FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Proceedings 24
8. The vulnerability of fishing –dependent economies to disasters – FAO Fisheries and
     Aquaculture Circular No. 1081
9. Feeding and feed management of Indian major carps in Andhra Pradesh, India – FAO
     Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 578
10. Stregthening forest tenure systems and governance: training module for facilitators
11. Compendium of food additive specifications – FAO JECFA Monographs 14
12. Ukraine: improving milk supply in Northern Ukraine: technical assistance to Ukraine’s dairy
      sector – Report series No. 18 – September 2013
13. Food outlook: biannual report on global food markets (November 2013)
14. State of Mediterranean forests 2013
15. Bioslurry = Brown gold?: a review of scientific literature on the co-product of biogas production
16. Genebank standards for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture
17. Guidelines for the fisheries and aquaculture sector on damage and needs assessments in emergencies
18. Deep-sea cartilaginous fishes of the Indian ocean – Volume 1, Sharks
19. Technical manual version 2.0 – Evidence and standards for better food security decisions
20. Working together to solve hunger – WFP Indonesia – 2 volumes
21. FAO ECTAD – Indonesia annual report 2011
22. Minimum cost of a nutritious diet (CoD): first results in Indonesia
23. State of the art on the initiatives and activities relevant to risk assessment …
24. Policy support guidelines for the promotion of sustainable production intensification and
        ecosystem services – Integrated Crop Management Vol. 19 – 2013
25. Tsetse and trypanosomosis information: numbers 16507 – 16764 – PAAT Programme
       against African trypanosomosis
26. 15 langkah rehabilitasi lahan budidaya perikanan di Aceh, Indonesia
27. Panduan untuk konstruksi kapal kayu nelayan traditional
28. Boat building in the tsunami affected areas of Aceh and Nias
29. Forests challenge badge
30. The ocean challenge badge
31. Ending hunger challenge badge
32. Respecting free, prior and informed consent: practical guidance for governments, NGOs,
        indigenous peoples and local communities in relation to land acquisition – Governance of
       Tenure Technical Guide No. 3
33. Soil, your silent ally – Video
34. FAOstat: forestry data 1961-2011—FAO statistical databases
35. Science and management of small pelagics –Symposium on science and the challenge of
       Managing small pelgic fisheries on shared stocks in Northwest Africa
36. Pesticide residues in food – 2012: report and evaluations – Joint FAO/WHO meeting on
        pesticide residues, Rome, 11-20 September 2012 – FAO Plant Production and Protection
        Paper 215 and 216
37. On-farm feeding and feed management in aquaculture – FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture
       Technical Paper 583

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